Saturday, 3 December 2016

Thanks to "Diario Córdoba" for  being our showcase. You were an essential help that made possíble a collection of €963. Now it's already in SOS Children's villages, I hope they make the most of it. They deserve it.
"El IES Maimónides celebra en su centro la Feria de las Naciones
En la actividad participan institutos de Suecia, Francia, Turquía y Holanda. La recaudación obtenida será destinada a Aldeas Infantiles" Diario Córdoba 9-11-2016

Monday, 21 November 2016

Fifth and last work group video compilation from Cordoba.

Here comes the last release of the making off videos of your stay in Cordoba. We hope you had as much fun as we all have just had. You did a great job, congratulations!

Fourth work group video compilation from Cordoba.

Here comes one new release of the making off videos of your stay in Cordoba. Have fun!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Third work group video compilation from Cordoba.

Here comes one new release of the making off videos of your stay in Cordoba. We hope you enjoy just as much as we all have just done.

If you want to see more pictures, click on the "Photos and Video" tab on this  page.

This time Cordoba (Spain). Day 5. Wrapping things up.

We arrived at school, mixed feelings on our faces, the work schedule had been pretty intensive and the different meal timetables added an extra bonus to our personal biorythms whose inmediate consequence was light tiredness. However, we set the kids in groups and they worked feverishly to accomplish the last task before saying goodbye. The videos were great and we had a really stirring experience while watching them, we laughed, clapped and gasped in surprise as one. Then we started to hug, kiss, thank and say goodbye. Now there is a lot to ponder and enjoy remembering and still a lot of work to do in our project. Thank you, for being so nice and supportive whatever the difficulty encountered and for your great contributions during this week, we already miss you all!

These and more pictures can be found clicking on the "Photos & Videos" tab at the top of this page.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Second work group video compilation from Cordoba.

Here comes the making off videos of your stay in Cordoba. We hope you enjoy just as much as we all have just done.

Should you want to see more pictures, click on the "Photos and Video" tab on this  page.

This time Cordoba (Spain). Day 4

It was quite early in the morning when we met together to get the coach to Granada. Sleepy faces and looks that reflected the excitement from the day before at the Fair of Nation. WE RAISED 920€! We got so happy when we put together all the money raised from the different country delegations stands that we couldn't hide our bewilderement.

However, the trip to Granada was going to exceed our expectations as well. The visit to the Children's Village was so revealing and so real. The educators welcomed us and made us feel at home easily. Lots of questions were put forward and answered promptly, some of the information was very, very moving, however the message of hope was there for everybody to pass on and cling to. They were very surprised at the amount of money we gave them, they could not believe what they were seeing. We said our goodbyes and went on with the little tour through the old quarters.

The sights from San Cristobal viewpoint were terrific! Later on, after lunch, we departed from that point going slowly downhill through long winding whitewashed Andalusian streets. Some free time and back to Cordoba on our coach. What a day!

Monday, 14 November 2016

This time Cordoba (Spain). Day 3.

Wow, it's Wednesday morning and I'm so excited I can't wait to get to school, we've worked hard in our home countries and during the last two days to get everything ready for the Fair of Nations. We must do our best because the money we'll raise would go to Children's Village in Granada. And ... it was more than we could think of, everybody was fantastic and we were overwhelmed by the school students' answer. Kids not only came and bought our products they inquired about our project, our cultures, etc. It was unbelievable!

You can find all the pictures clicking on the Photos and Videos tab in this page.

First work group video compilation from Cordoba.

Here comes the making off videos of your stay in Cordoba and the Fair of Nations. Don't miss tomorrow's one.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

And this time Cordoba (Spain). Day 1 & 2.

Oooh, it's been such an amazing week, unforgettable, what can I say? Last weekend our guests started to arrive, some by train, some by coach, but on Monday morning our school was something more than just that, a school, and it was enriched by the presence of our guests. We started introducing ourselves with a presentation and we talked about the NGO's we've been helping. In the evening we had a great time together making all the body ornaments we were to sell on Wednesday Fair of Nations.

Next day, Diego Copé, the viceprincipal, took us on a tour in the old jewish quarter, we visited the Mosque and Cathedral, a townhall representative welcomed us at the christian fortress "El Alcazar" and made us see how important is our task and our project. Then we went home to have lunch with our host families. In the evening we finish our craftwork and got every delegation's stand ready for next day.

Monday, 7 November 2016

SRO on the radio

Today four students from The Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey and Spain and two teachers from the Netherlands and Spain have been on a live programme in  SER channel station talking about the Fair of Nations that will take place in our High School next Wednesday. If you read this, don't miss it out on anything!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Here it goes! Finally we made it! with a little help from everybody here it is for everybody to enjoy and pass it on, let's make the most of it, pass the word, to your friends, classmates, parents, relatives, every visit counts! and it is for such a good cause and, very important as well, it was so much fun, lots of people working together and doing things they would never dare to do on their own, just for the sake of the project and to help others. So much fun, so much solidarity.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Neuburg a Donau

Hi, there, how's been the summer, hope you've had a great time and I'm sure all of you are anxious to see some images from your recent visit to Germany and some of your project mates and friends. We all hope these images will bring you back to some of the really nice moments we lived during our stay. Thanks to our German hosts and families, they really made us feel at home.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Third Students Exchange in Neuburg

The SRO meeting in Neuburg took place from 29th May to 4th June 2016. Project work included students’ presentations of themselves and own voluntary work experience, designing T-shirts with the SRO logo, hands-on voluntary work at a home for the elderly and a local kindergarten. There was also a visit to the biggest volunteer centre in Germany, in the city of Augsburg.
The Clinic Clowns, a group based at Neuburg’s hospital , presented their volunteer work at home and abroad and our school NGO presented volunteer work by the school centre’s students and teachers to help young refugees cope with their new situation.
Team evaluation work focused on a comparison of the social security systems of the project countries.
The cultural highlight was a day in Munich, Bavaria’s capital. We also visited the car manufacturer Audi in Ingolstadt, the region’s biggest employer and had a guided tour of the old town of Neuburg with its beautifully preserved renaissance architecture and exquisite library. Our farewell meeting took the form of a typical Bavarian brunch provided by catering students of the school centre. Of course, everyone also had time to experience Bavarian family life and get to know the Neuburg area with the host families.

Monday, 28 March 2016


European students working on computer project SRO



Sunday, 20 March 2016

Our Last Dinner in Sweden... a great meal together!!

In StadtsMission. Students from France, Sweden, Spain and Turkey helped in every possible way. 

Our second Students Exchange in Stockholm.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Second Students Exchange Sweden

On the first day students presented their work, such as presentations of themselves and of their local NGO’s. We also had a presentation from Stadsmissionen by a representative of that NGO. The students worked in mixed groups to prepare for their voluntary work.

The next day, we spent a whole day at Stadsmissionen doing voluntary work. The students did all kind of work. Sorting buttons, cleaning micros, pricing clothes, hanging clothes, sorting books etc. By the end of the day, we were all tired but satisfied with the work we’d done. And, best of all! We’re welcome back to help, as the students did such a great job!

On Wednesday we worked on the presentations all day. And in the end we saw the awesome films.

Thursday was “Cultural day”. A guided tour in the Old town and the city. We learnt that our king came from France, that we’ve been defeated by the Germans and that one of our kings spent a lot of time in Turkey. Poor Spaniards? Where were they?

Friday was also a cultural day. Skiing at Flottsbro. So many students skied for the first time and learned thanks to our PE-teachers.

And to sum it all up, we had a “smorgardbord” to say goodbye (for this time).

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Students Reaching Out on Facebook!!

You can find "Students Reaching Out" on Facebook now!
Like our page and stay up to date with all the activities the schools from Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Turkey and Germany do for this project.


and the winner logo is ..... from Spain!!!!!

Spanish students were the winners in designing the logo that will represent the ong  SRO "students reaching out". 

thank you.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


On the first day, students presented their works which they had prepared before. They gave information about the NGOs of their own countries. They had a chance to learn how voluntary works are held in different countries. Since Darussafaka is an NGO itself, the first presentation was given by the PR of Darussafaka Schools. The workshop was about the history, mission and the process of receiving donations.

We were also enlighted about the charity organizations to provide donations and raise public awareness. Then, we visited a local NGO called AKUT. They learned about the process and progress about this association.  A member of AKUT gave a presentation explaining how their organisation functions both nationally and internationally.

After our visit, students are divided into groups. Each group was given a task to create their own NGO. They worked together on the slogan, mission and charity organisations of their NGOs. They also presented their work to each other by displaying their posters. In addition to this, students were also asked to participate in a voluntary work. They drew a big picture indicating the philosophy of our project which is to raise awareness on the importance of taking part in a voluntary work to make the world a better place. 

Then, they painted this picture together. The picture created by the students will be put on a wall in the main entrance of our school. Apart from the NGOs, the historical sights of Istanbul are visited. They had the opportunity to gain information about Turkish culture. As Darussafaka is a boarding school, Dutch students were hosted in our campus. This enabled them to get to know each other more. They had the chance to exchange  ideas, talk about their lives and learn more about the life styles in different countries.