Monday, 25 July 2016

Third Students Exchange in Neuburg

The SRO meeting in Neuburg took place from 29th May to 4th June 2016. Project work included students’ presentations of themselves and own voluntary work experience, designing T-shirts with the SRO logo, hands-on voluntary work at a home for the elderly and a local kindergarten. There was also a visit to the biggest volunteer centre in Germany, in the city of Augsburg.
The Clinic Clowns, a group based at Neuburg’s hospital , presented their volunteer work at home and abroad and our school NGO presented volunteer work by the school centre’s students and teachers to help young refugees cope with their new situation.
Team evaluation work focused on a comparison of the social security systems of the project countries.
The cultural highlight was a day in Munich, Bavaria’s capital. We also visited the car manufacturer Audi in Ingolstadt, the region’s biggest employer and had a guided tour of the old town of Neuburg with its beautifully preserved renaissance architecture and exquisite library. Our farewell meeting took the form of a typical Bavarian brunch provided by catering students of the school centre. Of course, everyone also had time to experience Bavarian family life and get to know the Neuburg area with the host families.