Friday, 31 March 2017

Lecture and visit from the Spanish Cancer Association.

As part of our term solidarity event, we received yesterday the visit of three members of the local agency of the Spanish Cancer Association. They told us how happy they were for being among so many young people with such a true concern and commitment for others and they really regarded our project as making a difference.

They told us about their daily work, what it takes and is to work for the association, also as a volunteer and explained in terms easy to be grasped by our youngest students the structure of the organisation so we could have a clearer picture of the different fields of expertise and aspects in which they provide support for cancer affected patients and their relatives.

Even if the information related to research and funding was impressive, when they told us about some real life testimonies I believe it was that what attracted most attention , mainly because every body has a relative or someone close enough to strike a chord inside our students. The lecturer herself had suffered from breast cancer what made her appreciations and comments on the subject even more emotive. At the end of the talk some of our students met the speaker and other member of the association and ask them about how to volunteer for the association. Well done kids, that's the spirit!

Next week we'll hold a videogame tournament as the fundraising event for this term. Lots of kids had already registered so we are all very excited about it and we hope to raise as much money as possible and to make the Spanish Cancer Association even more visible for our students.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Next 5th and 6th April, the first Video Game Tournament FIFA/JUST DANCE will take place in IES Maimónides. SRO students and teachers are doing their best to make it possible. All the money raised will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer so, if you want to have fun helping others, please don't miss it!!

This time Reims!

Turkey, Germany, Sweeden and France got together in Reims, France.

They had a great time and enjoyed the local warmth of Reims inhabitants and teaching collegues, not to mention the local authorities. Weather was quite good and students really enjoyed the trip to Paris. Lots of wonderful experiences and memories to bring home.

Really looking forward to our next trip to Emmerloord, Netherlands.

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