Friday, 17 November 2017

Annerstaskolan, Huddingen, Stockholm 2017!

We keep on trying to make this little portion of our world a better place. This time we raised money to help UNICEF and children with HIV in Namibia. A problem we all should be concerned and after some information the students were as well aware of how important it is that we all contribute. We can't help all the children, but if we can help just one then, we are helping the whole world.

We enjoyed an interesting week with our friends and colleagues from Sweden, our hosts, Germany and The Netherlands. Kids had a very good time, enjoyed the craftwork, the visits to the museam and the sightseeing around town, and of course, the shoppings!

Weather was fine, cold, cold, cold, but not as much as we had feared, so we could do things, students went out with their partners.


Here you have a little summary of our great week in Sweden.