Friday, 17 November 2017

Annerstaskolan, Huddingen, Stockholm 2017!

We keep on trying to make this little portion of our world a better place. This time we raised money to help UNICEF and children with HIV in Namibia. A problem we all should be concerned and after some information the students were as well aware of how important it is that we all contribute. We can't help all the children, but if we can help just one then, we are helping the whole world.

We enjoyed an interesting week with our friends and colleagues from Sweden, our hosts, Germany and The Netherlands. Kids had a very good time, enjoyed the craftwork, the visits to the museam and the sightseeing around town, and of course, the shoppings!

Weather was fine, cold, cold, cold, but not as much as we had feared, so we could do things, students went out with their partners.


Here you have a little summary of our great week in Sweden.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

IES Maim贸nides raising hopes with the Spanish Asociation against cancer.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Back home and very happy!

Hi, everybody! Yes, we are finally back home, but it still stays in our retinas the images as clear as I can see you all walking up and down the school corridors, of our latest adventure and experience in Emmerloord.

Yeap, we're all working hard to catch up with the final exams and assignments, but I still can see your satisfaction with the experience as we exchange smiles and greet each other. A week ago, all I could say about you was thad I had just met you a couple of times since I don't teach you this year, and now we have something very good in common, and I'm happy because that's what this is all about, not just raising awareness about certain topics but also building bonds, laying bridges, breaking boundaries and stereotypes.

If you want to enjoy watching the trip pics, please go to the PICTURES tab in this page we have already uploaded some of the photos and feel free to download the ones you like most. We have also uploaded lots of pictures to the following file click here to enjoy them 馃憤

As one of our colleagues put it recently, "can't wait to see you again, guys!" have fun and work hard, summer is just round the corner.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

No Kidding NGO presentations.

Today we listened to a person who told us his personal story about child abuse. The kids didn't make a sound, everybody was so interested. 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

El IES Maim贸nides reparte solidaridad con videojuegos - Educaci贸n - Diario C贸rdoba

Students Reaching Out in the local media. Click on the link below to read the report on the tournament held the week before Easter at our school, IES Maim贸nides.

Diario C贸rdoba (C贸rdoba Local Newspaper)

Saturday, 8 April 2017


Last  April 5th and 6th, we held a Videogame Tournament to benefit the Spanish Cancer Association. Our General Hall was turned into a football pitch and a disco, students danced, cheered up, sang and passed on their enthusiasm to the teachers who became students again for one day. And the best of it ...we raised 440€. How good it feels to have fun helping others! Click on PHOTOS&VIDEOS if you want to see more pictures.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Lecture and visit from the Spanish Cancer Association.

As part of our term solidarity event, we received yesterday the visit of three members of the local agency of the Spanish Cancer Association. They told us how happy they were for being among so many young people with such a true concern and commitment for others and they really regarded our project as making a difference.

They told us about their daily work, what it takes and is to work for the association, also as a volunteer and explained in terms easy to be grasped by our youngest students the structure of the organisation so we could have a clearer picture of the different fields of expertise and aspects in which they provide support for cancer affected patients and their relatives.

Even if the information related to research and funding was impressive, when they told us about some real life testimonies I believe it was that what attracted most attention , mainly because every body has a relative or someone close enough to strike a chord inside our students. The lecturer herself had suffered from breast cancer what made her appreciations and comments on the subject even more emotive. At the end of the talk some of our students met the speaker and other member of the association and ask them about how to volunteer for the association. Well done kids, that's the spirit!

Next week we'll hold a videogame tournament as the fundraising event for this term. Lots of kids had already registered so we are all very excited about it and we hope to raise as much money as possible and to make the Spanish Cancer Association even more visible for our students.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Next 5th and 6th April, the first Video Game Tournament FIFA/JUST DANCE will take place in IES Maim贸nides. SRO students and teachers are doing their best to make it possible. All the money raised will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer so, if you want to have fun helping others, please don't miss it!!

This time Reims!

Turkey, Germany, Sweeden and France got together in Reims, France.

They had a great time and enjoyed the local warmth of Reims inhabitants and teaching collegues, not to mention the local authorities. Weather was quite good and students really enjoyed the trip to Paris. Lots of wonderful experiences and memories to bring home.

Really looking forward to our next trip to Emmerloord, Netherlands.

(More pics here at the photos&videos tab)

Monday, 30 January 2017

Teacher training in Emelwerda College, Emmerloord, Netherlands.

Hi every one, last week it was a very exciting one because we gathered together again in Emmerloord, in the Netherlands, this time it was the teachers turn to be taught, to attend classes, After all we love learning and isn't it what our work is about?

Due to security reasons we decided not to hold our teachers training meeting in Instambul as it was scheduled, as painful as that decision might be, because we were eager to see, for the first time in my case and once more, for the rest of teachers, such a beautiful city, meet the Turkish students again and enjoy the hospitality of our Turkish collegues.  However, instead of putting it off altogether, our Dutch colleagues, Yvonne and Baukje, promptly offered themselves and their college facilities as an alternative venue.

We made travel arrangements as soon as we could and before leaving school for Christmas holidays our hostesses had everything settled, programme emailed, as well as every other thing each of us was supposed to get ready for the meeting. Kryster  from Sweeden and Yilmaz from Turkey agreed to be in charge of the training sessions. Thank you.

Sessions started, we learned how to use very useful and interesting apps that would mean an improvement in our preparation work and classes at school. Thank you Yilmaz and Kryster for being so patient and explaining every thing as if we has just come from outer space, you really made it work.

Thank you, again, Yvonne, Baukje, Annfloor, Sylvaine for the trip to Groningen Museum, the Rodin exhibition was a very nice bonus to our photography safari around town getting stuff to be used later during the video editing sessions. Thank you for making it possible. And  I would also like to welcome all the new members from Sweden, Turkey and the Netherlands. We really felt at home and among friends.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Food Bank "Medina Azahara" 2016

One more time we made our special Christmas contribution volunteering at the local Food Bank "Medina Azahara". There Francisco and some army volunteers gave us a warm welcome in a pretty cold day. Last year we collected food at supermarkets from people's donations and later on we helped them clasify all the goods, which we realized it is quite a tantalizing task, what is more, they usually are short of hands for this matter, so this time we went straight to the collection and clasifying  center.

We learned how to do things in a proper and efficient way, we had both, Francisco and the army guys to help us. But of course, the best of it was the talking. Kids learned about humanitarian missions were some of the privates had worked, the difficulties encountered and the importance of their presence in such areas. Then Francisco explained them the ins and outs of the clasiying center so everybody could have a clear idea of what was being done there.

As always it really was a very interesting and satisfying visit, we felt happy because of the work done and because it was the begining of the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.

P.S. If you'd like to see the rest of the pictures just click on the tab for that purpose in this page.