Monday, 29 May 2017

Back home and very happy!

Hi, everybody! Yes, we are finally back home, but it still stays in our retinas the images as clear as I can see you all walking up and down the school corridors, of our latest adventure and experience in Emmerloord.

Yeap, we're all working hard to catch up with the final exams and assignments, but I still can see your satisfaction with the experience as we exchange smiles and greet each other. A week ago, all I could say about you was thad I had just met you a couple of times since I don't teach you this year, and now we have something very good in common, and I'm happy because that's what this is all about, not just raising awareness about certain topics but also building bonds, laying bridges, breaking boundaries and stereotypes.

If you want to enjoy watching the trip pics, please go to the PICTURES tab in this page we have already uploaded some of the photos and feel free to download the ones you like most. We have also uploaded lots of pictures to the following file click here to enjoy them 👍

As one of our colleagues put it recently, "can't wait to see you again, guys!" have fun and work hard, summer is just round the corner.

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