Wednesday, 7 February 2018

SRO in Neuburg a Donau

The SRO student exchange meeting in Neuburg started with the arrival of the students on Sunday 4th February. Some of the students had contact with their hosts via social media before the exchange, but all in all everyone quickly made friends and settled into their Bavarian host families. The ‘getting-to-know-you’ games and personal presentations on the first day helped the students to find other contacts in the group. Communication in English was a challenge but everybody tried their best and surely managed to improve their language skills.
There were lots of multinational group activities, such as creating an NGO and doing volunteer work with, for example, the Wildlife Protection Association. This group had fun making wooden nesting boxes and climbing trees to hang them up in a local forest area. Of course, there were also cultural activities. The students did a paperchase (the fastest group got a prize in the form of Neuburg school T-shirts) and also visited the famous Allianz Arena, home of Bayern M√ľnchen’s home team, as well as the city of Munich.
The most fun event of the week was certainly the carnival party with music and games. The students dressed up in their own-style costumes and prepared and sold finger food and treats from their home countries to raise money for UNICEF. There was even a visit by a local carnival prince and princess with their guard of honour who performed dances in their special hand-made costumes.