Saturday, 19 March 2016

Second Students Exchange Sweden

On the first day students presented their work, such as presentations of themselves and of their local NGO’s. We also had a presentation from Stadsmissionen by a representative of that NGO. The students worked in mixed groups to prepare for their voluntary work.

The next day, we spent a whole day at Stadsmissionen doing voluntary work. The students did all kind of work. Sorting buttons, cleaning micros, pricing clothes, hanging clothes, sorting books etc. By the end of the day, we were all tired but satisfied with the work we’d done. And, best of all! We’re welcome back to help, as the students did such a great job!

On Wednesday we worked on the presentations all day. And in the end we saw the awesome films.

Thursday was “Cultural day”. A guided tour in the Old town and the city. We learnt that our king came from France, that we’ve been defeated by the Germans and that one of our kings spent a lot of time in Turkey. Poor Spaniards? Where were they?

Friday was also a cultural day. Skiing at Flottsbro. So many students skied for the first time and learned thanks to our PE-teachers.

And to sum it all up, we had a “smorgardbord” to say goodbye (for this time).

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