Thursday, 17 November 2016

This time Cordoba (Spain). Day 5. Wrapping things up.

We arrived at school, mixed feelings on our faces, the work schedule had been pretty intensive and the different meal timetables added an extra bonus to our personal biorythms whose inmediate consequence was light tiredness. However, we set the kids in groups and they worked feverishly to accomplish the last task before saying goodbye. The videos were great and we had a really stirring experience while watching them, we laughed, clapped and gasped in surprise as one. Then we started to hug, kiss, thank and say goodbye. Now there is a lot to ponder and enjoy remembering and still a lot of work to do in our project. Thank you, for being so nice and supportive whatever the difficulty encountered and for your great contributions during this week, we already miss you all!

These and more pictures can be found clicking on the "Photos & Videos" tab at the top of this page.

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